Loft Gallery Schedule Summer 2014


Joanna McFarland

About Joanna McFarland: "I am a painter. I love the vibrant colours of the Canadian outdoors. Birch trees are my favourite. They are vivid, bold, majestic and fantastic and feature in many of my landscapes. I love skies, lakeshores and still life and I enjoy the free form of abstract work"

Exhibit Opening- June 4th, 5.00pm to 7.00pm (Free to the public)


Barb Hogenauer & Terry Culbert

About Barb Hogenauer: "I see art everywhere and am never without camera or sketch book. Living in Prince Edward County, being part of a vibrant art community, is truly inspirational. Experimenting with new ideas, researching and learning is part of my process. My canvases go through various layers of paint, building up texture and colour, until the final piece comes into its own."

About Terry Culbert: "I have had a passion for drawing since childhood. Upon graduation with honours from Beal School of Art in London, Ontario, my career path took me into television news. For the first few years I worked as an illustrator in the news department. Forty-two years were spent in television behind and in front of the camera, cartooning and illustrating throughout."

Exhibit Opening- Wednesday July 2nd, 5.00pm to 7pm (Free to the public)


Andrew Csafordi

About Andrew Csafordi: "For the past ten years, Andrew has devoted himself to contemporary encaustic sculptural painting, becoming known for his distinct, three-dimension sculptural style. With a passion for natural elements, Csafordi embeds wood, wire, stone, sand, fibre and more into his impressionist landscapes, reaching out "beyond the board" to stir the imagination."

Exhibit Opening- Date Coming Soon…


Douglas Thompson

About Doulas Thompson: "J. Douglas Thompson is an artist/poet who is a painter of atmospherics which are presented to us in the formation of dramatic thunderheads on late summer afternoons or soft loon haunting mists rising off northern lakes in morning quietude. Captured in acrylic paint, light juxtaposed and rimmed around the blue black depths of storm clouds shows not only the beauty of contrast, color and value, but metaphorically speaks of hope determined to rise above life’s inevitable struggle."

Exhibit Opening- September 3rd, 5.00pm to 7.00pm (Free to the public)


Pamela Carter

About Pamela Carter: "Pamela Carter has a passion for drawing and painting from an early age. Holding a fine arts degree, and participating in workshops over the years with internationally recognized master painters has led Canadian artist Pamela Carter to develop her own unique body of work in oils and pastels."

Exhibit Opening- Date Coming Soon…