We wanted to give our guests a truly unique local experience when they visit the winery. We have great estate grown and made wines and we have a beautiful estate; the limestone patio, rustic lane-ways and picturesque farmland. When guests just visit the tasting room, they aren't getting the full experience. Picnics are the perfect way to truly experience Prince Edward County. Get a basket, picnic blanket, a bottle of great wine and a selection of locally made treats (rustic sandwiches, local patés and charcuterie, summer salads, homemade cheese and pickles and seasonal desserts) and find the perfect spot overlooking the vineyards!

There are no reservations- it is first come, first serve. 

Menu july 2016 (thursday to sunday)



Picnic Menu: These are served in a classic wicker basket with a picnic blanket.

Local Cheese & Charcuterie Basket $25

Includes a selection of 4 from:

·     Cape Vessy- goats milk cheese from Fifth Town

·     Buffalina- buffalo milk cheese from Fifth Town

·     Engarde Bongard!! – goat gouda from Fifth Town

·     Assortment of cheeses from Ivanhoe Cheese


Comes with homemade pickles, wine jelly and mustard & local wood fired bread.

Add Sprucewood Cookies for only $5+tx!

Don’t Forget to Add a Beverage!

Wine by the Glasses (5oz)

Chilled Chardonnay or Gamay $10

Reserve Wines $15

Wine by the Bottle:

Corking Fee $5 + tx (Waived with purchase of picnic.)

Non-Alcoholic Beverage:

Maple Water (Served Chilled): 1L $8 250 mL $3